Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Morning in our Abode

Another sunny bright upbeat day has greeted us. As the sun starts to creep into our windows our lovable furry boy wakes us up, I suppose you could say he is similar to how parents wake their children up on school mornings to stop them oversleeping, once the parents duty is done they might get back in bed for a while. This is what he does before he decides to have his morning shower BTC (Big Tongue Clean)
Mean while Our Pointer stretches her long legs and yawns, she has kept curled tightly in a ball enjoying her last zzzzzz and only when she has seen us changed and ready to march on out has she decided to rise from her comfy doughnut bed to join us.
Leads are on, Jackets are on so we are ready to go. As we walk along the dogs trot along happily, our boy happy to explore the fresh new scents of the day and our girl running around us in circles eagerly awaiting her beloved green ball. Familiar faces and familiar hounds pass by, blossom is appearing, shrubs are greener, sky is blue and the weather is milder. As the peaceful walk nears to an end and we have completed a full circle we all converge on the front door waiting for it to open, we have built up an appetite and are famished. A few minutes later the aroma of toast fills the air, for our dogs this smell is a thousand times more attractive because of the receptors in their noses which is why they can't help covering the floor with their translucent juice from their mouths which has a constant flow like a river, the dogs patiently lay down and await their meals. Once a pot of freshly brewed tea appears we both ready to sit down to breakfast, on finishing the last mouthfuls of toast 2 heads with eager faces raise up they know it is their turn now.
They watch in delight as dinner is transferred into 2 shining metal bowls, their bowls. As my partner dishes it out, my boy sits and paws him excitedly and my girl sits then zooms it on the target - 'her bowl' at 100mph. My boy savors the taste and enjoy his meal while my girl wolfs it down. This is quite a typical fun morning for the 4 of us and one that I always enjoy and there is still the rest of the day yet.

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