Monday, 10 December 2012

Enjoying Christmas with Dogs

Christmas is a fun and festive time of year, when spirits are high and happiness is all around. This time of year  is not only exciting for us humans but it can be an equally appealing time for dogs too.

Read below for tips on enjoying Christmas with dogs:

We must take care to ensure the safety of our dogs at Christmas, by following the advice below we can 
be sure that Christmas is a safe and joyous time for all.

*Traditional festive plants such as Poinsettias,  Lillie's,  Mistletoe and Holly are all poisonous to dogs, so if you already have any of these plants they should be kept well out of your dogs way.

*If you have a real Christmas tree, care should be taken to hoover the needles up as soon as they drop, as the needles can get stuck in your dogs paws or other areas on his body and cause a lot of discomfort and even infection.

*This tip also applies if you have a real Christmas tree, be sure to cover over, at least the water in the tub that the tree sits in but if you can the whole base of the tree, as this water is actually very toxic to dogs.

*Care should be taken with Christmas tree lights as some dogs may try to chew the wires and this can lead to your dog getting electrocuted , so try to hide the wires or keep them out of your dogs reach.

*Decorations can be very appealing to dogs because of all the bright colours, the different shapes and textures, so try to avoid having delicate decorations that may break easily, as these will provide a serious danger to your dog if he gets hold of one.
Care must also be taken with tinsel, if tinsel is ingested it can cause terrible problems with your dogs gastrointestinal tract, so be sure to keep tinsel out of your dogs reach.

*Lots of yummy food and drink is consumed over the Christmas period and it may be tempting to feed your dog some of the tasty food and drinks that you are eating, however it is important to note that Christmas pudding, fruit cake, nuts, raisins, chocolate, coffee and alcohol are very dangerous foods for dogs.

*Joints of meat are often cooked over Christmas and although it is tempting to give the bones to your dog, avoid doing this as all cooked bones are dangerous to dogs and only specific raw bones are ideal to give your dogs, this is because many bones can splinter or cause obstructions and blockages inside your dogs body.

Now for the fun part, here is some exciting things you can do with your dog over the Christmas period:

*Bake some cookies for dogs, your dog will love watching you prepare the cookies, smelling them cook and finally getting to sample some. Just google the phrases 'dog biscuits recipe' or 'dog cookie recipes' and you will find that many free recipes are available online.

*Take your dog somewhere different for a walk or take your dog on a longer walk than normal, they love their walks so it will be gratefully appreciated.

*Wrap your dogs Christmas pressies so he can have the fun of being handed his present and going off to unwrap it, your dog will love seeing the prize fall out after he has worked his paws and teeth on it.
Do not use sellotape or staples, these can be dangerous if ingested.

*If you have a Kong put some yummy treats inside or pack it with a tasty filling so your dog can amuse himself  by working out how to get the treats or filling out. Kongs for dogs are a great way to stimulate their brains.

*Prepare your dog a Christmas dinner, only use lean meat and vegetables that are safe for dogs, these kind of vegetables include carrots, broccoli, peas and beans.

*The most important one, spending time with your dog, sometimes not doing anything, just relaxing in the same environment as your dog makes your dog happy, calm and content. Dogs are at their happiest when their owners are around and just they love chilling with their owners.

So by following the above advice you will have that extra peace of mind and security, but you can also have some Christmas fun with your dog too, this will lead to you being happy and thoroughly enjoying Christmas with dogs.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Stray Dogs Life

I cover many miles a day, never know where I am going to sleep, never know when I will have my next meal.
I am on my own in this big world, me against everyone, always looking over my shoulder and always on full alert.
Trotting along with my head held confidently high, the crisp wind blows against my fur and my paws bounce energetically off the tarmac, as I make my way closer to town.
I have a focus and a target I can see in the distance, I know exactly where I am off to, although I am sure
there will be plenty of stopping along the way.
Along the way I stop for occasional scents, cross the road every now and then and stop at the familiar food bins on route, using my nose to detect whether there is any spare food laying around.
No not my lucky day today, there is no food here, onwards and upwards I continue my journey, past people waiting at a bus stop, past a group of men loudly chatting, past noisy and excited children waiting for school to start and past an old woman holding her fresh loaf of bread.
I keep my head down and try to pass by these people as unobtrusively as possible, hoping to get past unnoticed and unharmed.
Across the road I spot one of my doggy pals, so I cross the road with my tail held high, avoiding a car here and a car there, I pause in the middle of the road, stiff and nervous, waiting for a gap in the traffic and to get my confidence, so that I can make it across the other half of the road and go and greet him.
In a day sometimes we bump into each other a few times, sometimes we may not see each other for a few days at a time but its always enjoyable to have fun and a frolic with one of my chums along the way.
I am so hungry but I always find some hidden energy from deep within to play with my pals, I suppose the rolling around and play biting each others bodies and necks provides a much welcomed sidetrack to my hunger pains.
After a fun filled ten minutes we go our separate ways, him wagging his tail, following some friendly looking woman and hopeful of bagging some food and me the opposite direction, following a fresh male dog scent, as I turn a corner I spot a single pizza crust laying on the ground...mmm a pizza crust never tasted so good.
After passing some shops and having numerous lamp post and bin stops on the way I arrive at a grass area, time for a well earned break, after all I have been trotting around constantly for the past hour.
I awake to a screaming noise, a young mum has sat on the bench nearby with her baby and it is crying uncontrollably, they are not looking at me, I realise there is no danger so I rearrange myself and start to doze again, a few minutes later I can hear a tapping noise, I open one eye, I notice an old man walking very slowly towards me with a walking stick, tap tap tap......I sit tense with my eyes wide and on full alert while the man gets closer, the relief I feel when he passes by and I realise I am unscathed, is incredible,......not all humans are bad, I look up to the sky before I slowly lower my head with a sigh and rest my chin rather comfortably on one of my paws, before drifting off again.
I awake later, rather hungry this time, the smell of pastries fills my nose, I am automatically guided towards the smell of these rather tasty human snacks, I follow the smell, which leads me up the road and around the corner, I find myself frozen and staring into a glass cabinet full of pastries, all different flavours cheese, meat, spinach and vegetable, as many as you can eat, I sniff around, why can't I get to all this tasty food that is on display?, why can't I taste those smells that are making my mouth water? I am ushered away from the pastry stand and I hear the loud clap of hands, so with my ears pinned back and tail down I scurry back and compose myself a few metres away, staring at the stand and watching in dismay as these humans walk up to the stand and come away a few seconds later with pastry after pastry.
I see a woman, she is standing by the wall eating her spinach pastry and texting on her phone, it smells so good, cautiously I wander over to her, unsure of the reaction that will greet me, she waves her hands around in the air, I mistakenly think she is throwing me some food but when I look over there, there is nothing there but an empty space, after turning her back on me I become overwhelmed with another smell, this time it is a fillet burger, mmm.....its smells so good, even better than the pastries did, I walk to where the smell ends, a man is standing by his van stuffing the burger in his mouth at a very fast pace, I cautiously approach him as I waft the glorious smell of food, he kicks his short leg out as long as it reaches, lucky I am not so close to him, those big boots would have hurt my delicate body, I get the message and I wont be staying around.
I am about to turn around and move away when I hear this familiar voice saying 'hello', I look up to see a friendly hand getting bigger and bigger, as it works its way closer to my head, it is a nice couple that live here, the lady always talks to me and if they see me around they sometimes give me food, but mainly they give me love and attention, which always seems to melt my sadness and make me forget my troubles and for those few minutes when they stroke my face, my eyes close, a warm feeling comes over me and I feel like I am on top of the world and completely safe, because while this people are here, no one can hurt me.
They feed me some dry dog food, so at least now I have eaten something, I follow them all the way home with my tail up high, for this short time I feel like I have a role in life, it feels good and for a minute or two I feel like I am actually loved and owned.
As we approach the familiar building I watch in sadness as they stroke me, say 'goodbye' and disappear, as they always do, in that big front door.
After a couple of minutes I realise they are gone and that the night is drawing in, I am feeling kind of thirsty so I make my way to the water source, a unused water feature in town, after lapping up lots of  water, my stomach starts to feel quite full, so I step down from the water feature, immediately the comfy hedgerow comes into my view, I slowly walk over and step into the low hedge, after some squashing and stomping, a few minutes later it has been successfully transformed into a cosy bed fit for a king and after 3 or 4 body spins, I am finally settled and ready for a snooze, until the next sound or action awakes me.

This is my view of the life of a stray dog or a street dog and what they go through everyday, obviously their thoughts are not so complexed in real life, but this is written from my observation and time studying stray dog behaviour.
The 'nice couple' in this reading, is me and my partner who always try our best to cheer the stray dogs up and look after them, whenever we see them around.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

4th October World Animal Day 2012

World Animal Day

Today is World Animal Day, which is a day where we should reflect on animals and how they make the world we live in, a nicer place to be.
On this day we should celebrate the lives of animals, value the relationship we have with animals, appreciate the important roles that animals carry out and show thanks for the way that animals enrich our lives.
Not only on this day, but everyday we should appreciate all kinds of animals and the joy that they bring to this world and we can do this simply by giving them respect and showing kindness and compassion towards them.
World Animal Day is recognised globally and many events are held all around the world to raise awareness about animals and to give care to all types of animals, stray and owned.

For example; In Panama the Panamanian Health Ministry, local authorities, Angeles de los Animales and Fundacion Spay/Panama are carrying out a mega spay event, which will be held over four days in Santiago de Veraguas. This spay event will be carried out in order to help efficiently and humanely control the stray dog population there.

To read more about other events that are taking place around the world please visit the official website:

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Favourite Dog Quotes of the Day

Photo of our rescue dog 
'Saving one dog will not change the world; but for that one dog the world is changed forever.'

Some More Favourite Dog Quotes..........

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way."  

— Martin Luther King Jr

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."


“Maybe you can’t change the whole world, but if you have love in your heart you can make small differences every day, which really does change the world, one life at a time.” 

– Kristina Koncz 

"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." 

- Mahatma Ghandi 

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try."

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Spot the Dog (well my dog!)

My gorgeous dog is hiding in this palm shrub!

Can you spot him?

He is quite well camouflaged, but for those of you that couldn't spot him................................................................................

Look below...................................................................

A storm was just about to come over and our clever boy had heard the thunder rumbling in the distance, so he made a quick dash for the nearest place where he would keep safe and have shelter, until the storm had finally passed. And after a few homely adjustments, that were needed; a removal of that annoying twig there, a small extension needed just over here, ripping out a few of those pointless things in the way and a few more dig digs there......then it had become the perfect den fit for a king!

'A dogs natural instincts are a great asset and should never be underestimated.'

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sad News about Lennox the Belfast Dog

In Memory of Lennox.

Wednesday 11th July, was the day I was hoping would never come, the day when I found out that poor Lennox (the Belfast dog that had gained worldwide attention after cruelly being seized by Belfast City Council for fitting their measurement requirements of that of a Pit Bull Terrier type dog) was unable to be saved and had been put to sleep.

It saddens me that we live in a world like we do, with so much corruption and injustice, which sees innocent victims cruelly scarred for life or even worse, like Lennox, their lives unfairly taken.

I think of Lennox's poor family, who answered their front door on that fateful morning, that morning is sure to stay in their minds forever, and remembered as 'The day their life changed forever, when their precious boy
was seized from them' I think of poor Lennox cruelly stuck in solatary confinment for 2 years, what must he have been thinking? One day he was at his family home playing the next day he was taken away and being punished.

He didn't even know how much popuarity he had gained, he had become famous worldwide, had he have understood and known what everyone from all around the world was doing to try and save him, he would have been so proud.

What I think is so terrible about this particular case, is the fact that Belfast City Council are discriminating against certain breeds of dogs and have stolen a family pet that has done nothing wrong and decided that he
should be killed.

What would have been a great outcome would have been for him, after those two years of hell, to be released back to his tired family that have been campaigning non stop for him.
I imagine the reunion, it would have been something quite special.
This is the latest statement made by Lennox' family:

'We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your messages of support. We are sorry to say at the present time Belfast city council seem to be intent on killing our boy. Despite previous assurances otherwise, we have been denied the opportunity to say goodbye. We have also been told that we cannot collect his body and bring Len home. We have been informed however that we will receive "some" ashes in the mail.'

If Belfast City Council were so intent that this dog could not be returned to this family, then the only fair action to do, would have been to re-home him in another country, there were plenty of offers on the table of people who would be willing to take him, instead they resort to the cruelest method of putting him to sleep.
Lennox's family was also denied the right to visit him one last time or even to be there at the time of his death, sickening is an understatement.

Breed discrimination needs to stop, innocent family dogs are being seized because of what they look like, or what size they are, this is unfair and wrong to stereotype against certain breeds and to say that they are all the same.

Belfast City Council should feel absolutely ashamed of what they have done and they certainly do have the blood of an innocent dog on their hands.

The only positive thing now is Lennox is at peace, instead of being stuck in those dirty and squalid conditions, he is free from pain and sadness.

RIP Lennox, May you be with the angels now and one day see your loving family again.

'Remember its someone else's dog today, but tomorrow it could be your dog.'

Monday, 18 June 2012

Keeping Your Dog Cool in Summer

It is this time of year when we look forward to some much needed sun and we enjoy spending time out in it, however it is also important in keeping your dog cool in summer.

Heatstroke in dogs can happen very quickly, much quicker than it would take for a human to get heatstroke. When us humans get hot, we have an effective method of cooling down, known as 'sweating', dogs do not have such an effective way of cooling down, they cool themselves down by 'panting', this creates air flow inside their mouth and on their tongue, which cools blood vessels down in the dogs head and ultimately reduces their temperature.

To avoid your dog from getting heatstroke and to help a dog in hot weather, follow the below advice to ensure that your are keeping your dog a happy and cool dog:

* Avoid walking with your dog in the hottest time of day. (between 12pm and 3pm)

* Always take some water out on hot days for your dog, a convenient object to dispense this in, is a travel bowl for dogs, we have a wide range of these in different colours, styles and most have the added benefit of being fold-able or collapsible.

* If you are out with your dog, take plenty of breaks out of the sun and let your dog sit/lie in the shaded areas.

* If you are at home, make sure your dog has access to a continuous supply of water, we have many water fountains for dogs, which made an ideal solution to ensuring your dog always has a supply of fresh water, especially if you may be out during the day and these are available in a broad range of styles and colours, they each hold varied amounts of water, starting from as small as 1.5 litres of water, to our largest design which holds around 8.5 litres of water.

* Let your dog cool off by letting him/her go in the sea, river, lake and pools.

* Getting your dog groomed just before it gets to hot, to shorten the hair, this will make your dog more comfortable, especially if he/she is of a long haired or large breed.

* Lastly you can buy your dog a cooling coat for dogs, these come in a variety of colours, brands and sizes to suit all kinds of dogs.

All these above tips and hints should help your dog to stay healthy and safe in the hot weather.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Competition Winner of the Mikki Smooth and Stroke Grooming Glove.

Our Mikki Smooth and Stroke Grooming Glove Competition has now come to an end.
Congratulations to Our Competition Winner, Nigel from West Sussex and his Gorgeous Chocolate Labrador, Brandy - who will have many hours of grooming fun together with this glove!

'Stay Tuned' for  details of our next competition...........

The Mikki Smooth and Stroke Grooming Glove is a dual action glove that combines a pad of rubber bristles and a velvet finishing palm. The rubber side helps to massage the skin, while removing the hair and the smooth side leaves your pet with a soft and shiny finish. This grooming product is especially ideal for nervous pets.
£7.06 (Price including UK delivery) 

These products are just a few of the many Mikki products that we stock at Pet Courtyard. We also have Mikki Grooming Ear and Face Scissors, Mikki Grooming Claw Clippers, Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit, Mikki Grooming Thinning Scissors and of course the all time popular Mikki Smooth and Stroke Grooming Glove. Most Mikki products are suitable for dogs and cats.

Feel free to visit our online pet supermarket to take a look

'Bargain Pet Supplies for Only the Best Pets'

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

National Pet Month

We are now well in to National Pet Month, which this year started running from the 7th April and will close on the 7th May.

What is National Pet Month all about?

National Pet Month is a time to raise awareness about pets and animals and for owners to practice good pet ownership.

The aims of the month are:

* For people to understand the important role that working animals play.
* To ensure that people understand the benefits of owning a pet and how pet owners make a big difference to animals lives.
* To let people know about the various products and services that are available to pet owners from specialists.
* For people to take their role as a responsible pet owner seriously.

There are many things you could do to get involved and play your part in National Pet Month.

This includes;

* Raffles
* Competitions
* Pet Walks
* Jumble Sales
* Pet Shows
* Sponsored Walk or Swim
* Disco
* Open days at Vets or Animal Shelters (so people can learn all about pets health at the vets or see what a difference one person, rehoming a pet from an animal shelter, could make to that animals life)
* Open days at Police Dog Centres (so people can see the important role that police dogs have in catching criminals and understand how intelligent they are)
plus many more...................

If you are interested in joining in or would like to host an event please visit Here for more info.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Competition to Win a Mikki Grooming Glove for Dogs and Cats (Sorry UK Participants Only)

To Be in for the Chance to Win a Cool Mikki Grooming Smooth and Stroke Glove for Dogs and Cats, Simply Sign up to Our Newsletter at Pet Courtyard Pet Supplies.

About the Mikki Grooming Glove:
The Smooth 'n' Stroke is a dual action glove with one side rubber, one anti-static cotton and is ideal for short coated dogs and cats.
The rubber side massages the skin, helping to remove loose hairs and promote a healthy coat.
The velvet side catches loose hairs on the surfaces and smoothes the coat, leaving it looking shiny and smooth.
The Smooth 'n' Stroke is also ideal for grooming nervous animals as it replicates the stroking action.
Ideal for grooming most pets.

Term's & Condition's
*Only 1 Entry Per Person
*UK Residents Only 
*Winners will be notified by email within 7 days of the Closing Date
*Closing Date is Midnight 30/04/2012 

To Enter Click Here

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dog Anxiety and Treatment

There could be many reasons why your dog is suffering with anxiety, we must observe and learn from the signs and signals that our dog is giving, to discover if he is actually suffering with dog anxiety, what is causing his canine anxiety and how we can change him and make him into a calm dog.

Firstly we must look at our dogs body language, as that will tell us a lot about his state of mind, if he is a nervous dog, or if he suffers from stress in dogs.

A nervous dog will display some of the following body language;

* Tail tucked between hind legs
* Tense body
* Panting
* Cowering
* Ears pinned back
* Showing their teeth
* Hiding behind owner
* Shaking body
* Backing off from you
* Stretching and Yawning

The more advanced stages that a nervous dog will show are;

* Growling
* Barking
* Snarling
* Darting forward
* Biting

There could be many reasons as to why you have a nervous dog, such as;

* Your dog has been neglected,
* Your dog has been abused.
* Your dog has not been properly socialised.
* Your dog has suffered a traumatic experience.
* Your dog has a genetic disposition.
* Your dog feels he has no leader.

To help your nervous dog to become a calm dog, you need to spend time and have patience, as most dogs can be cured and do go on to become charming and confident pet dogs.

How you Personally can Help Treat Anxiety in Dogs 
Stage 1

* Showing your nervous dog that you are the leader is the first step, as this will help build up the confidence in your dog.

* Ensure your dog gets used to the outside world; the people, places, cars, other dogs, this will help him with his confidence and show him that there is nothing to be afraid of.
For example, if people abused him before, introduce him to your friends and get them to give him some treats or sit somewhere where many people pass by, this is so he can understand that not all people are bad, they pass by and don't hurt him and they give him yummy treats.

* Exercise and walk your dog often, as a tired dog will have less chance of thinking about his nervousness.

* Try the 'Nothing in Life is Free' technique, its all about making your dog work for what he wants.
Once you have taught your dog a few basic demands such as; Sit, Paw, Stay etc...then you can begin, before you give your dog food, a walk, a treat he must do as you say and earn it.
For example when you feed your dog, you should tell him to Sit and Stay until you have placed the dog bowl on the floor, only after he has obeyed, can he then tuck in.
You can choose your own commands and decide when to make your dog work for what he wants.
This technique is very successful in helping a nervous dog as it will help your dog to become more confident and less stressed.

Other Effective Treatments on the Market Available for Dogs with Anxiety
Stage 2

* Thundershirts - these are an anxiety coat for dogs, they give your dog a constant gentle pressure, which produces a calming effect on your dog. These are recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers, as they have a high success rate in dog calming.

* DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) - this is a plug-in that gives off a appeasing pheromone, which is similar to the smell that lactating females give off to their young, this smell has been known to effectively reassure and reduce fear in adult dogs, as well as puppies.

* Scullcap and Valerian Tablets for Dogs - these tablets are a licensed treatment for nervousness, hyperactivity and travel sickness in dogs, it is a special herbal combination which is what makes it very effective in relaxing and calming dogs.

If you combine the Stage 1 Treatments, with any, or all of the above Stage 2 Treatments, you are 
taking the appropriate steps towards freeing your dog from canine anxiety and he will soon be well on his way to becoming, a calm and relaxed dog. 

Also if you are looking for any dog supplies, we have a dog store selling all kinds of dog products, such as;
dogs food, dog grooming accessories, dog training aids, dog house and beds, plus lots more dog stuff, as well as the three above dogs treatments for anxiety.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pet Supplies Online

We all love to care for our pets and give them the best life that we can, but in this economic climate we do have to look around first and find the best pet value that we can get, with our hard earned money.

That is where Pet Courtyard comes into it, Pet Courtyard is an online pet supermarket, offering pet supplies at competitive prices, so there is no need to shop around first.

They cater for all kinds of pets such as; dogs, cats, horses, birds, small animals, reptiles and fish.

From pet food supplies to pet grooming supplies, they stock all you may need to care for your pet.

So if you are looking for quality pet care products, browse their supplies first, as you can be sure that you will be impressed with the reasonable prices on offer.

Here are a few of the many pet supplies that can be found at Pet Courtyard:

* Dog Houses
* Bird Cages
* Cat Games
* Fish Aquariums
* Bird Perches
* Horse Bridles
* Live Food for Reptiles
* Reptile Terrarium
* Horse Feed
* Dog Training Devices
* Birdcages
* Food for Fish
* Rabbit Run
* Cat Litter Box

This is only a small amount of the large collection of pet products that are currently available.

To view the full selection of pet value supplies visit Pet Courtyard.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Understanding more about a Dog Brain

I bet you have often asked yourself the question how big is a dogs brain?
The average dog brain weighs around 72g, whereas our human brain weighs between 1300g-1400g. The dogs brain is bigger than that of a cat brain, which only weighs 30g.
Some dogs like Pugs have flatter heads, in these dogs the brain has moved towards the front of the head by up to 15 degrees and the area in the brain, that controls smell, has changed location, this is why flat face breeds of dogs have a reduced sense of smell and air intake, compared to those breeds with sharp pointed faces.
A dog brain does not perceive time in the same way that we do, he cannot sit and think about memories he enjoyed in the past, or sit and think about the things he will enjoy in the future, he is just set in here and now.
A dog will obviously remember commands that you teach him, such as sit, walkies, paw but he will not remember how and where he learnt that command.
Dogs have a great body clock, they know when you are due home, when they will get their walk and when dinner will be served, they look out for things that happen at that certain time of day and how their body feels at that particular time of day.
For example before you walk your dog, the church bells may ring, your dog will pick up that familiar noise and relate it to him going on a walk or maybe his body feels really hungry at a certain point of day and he knows when it feels that exact way dinner normally gets served shortly after. 
Above is a diagram of the dog brain, since the wolf was domesticated 12,000 years ago there has been a lot of variation while breeding but the main change is the skull shape, there are a large assortment of skull shapes to be found in all dogs.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Shocking Animal Brutality from an Albanian Man in Greece

After coming across this story I was shocked and deeply saddened.
Saddened for the the poor dog that painfully and innocently lost his life, saddened for the other dog that sustained terrible injuries but managed to fight to survive and shocked that a human could carry out such a crazed and barbaric attack on such vulnerable creatures.

This is a terrible story of Animal abuse in Greece where an Albanian Man murdered a dog and horrifically injured another.

In December 2011 an Albanian man living in Greece near Athens attempted to kill three dogs, one of which he sadly succeeded in doing so.
He gained the trust of these beautiful dogs and lured them into his garden, thankfully one of them managed to escape, but the other two were at his mercy, trapped in a fenced off garden unable to escape.
It was then that he started carrying out his sick murderous acts of, hitting the dogs on their heads with an iron bar and a sledgehammer.
The poor dogs screams could be heard by neighbours who came out to see what was going on.
The neighbours tried to stop this crazed Albanian Man but he just threatened those people with violence.
One of the neighbours called the police and the police arrived, Rigas the first dog was found in a garbage bag and Duke the second dog was about to be attacked again by this terrible man, they intervened and took the man away and got to the dogs to a vet as soon as they could.
Rigas tragically lost his life and passed away, he never came out of a coma and also had a broken skull.
Duke luckily is out of danger but remains scared and confused and obviously has a massive head injury.

We need to speak out, we cannot stay silent about things that matter. Rigas was innocently murdered, he was blessed to have life and cruelly this evil man decided he would steal that from him and he also nearly stole the second dogs life too.
We need to speak out for these two beautiful dogs Rigas and Duke that were tricked in this mans garden on false trust and then sick acts of exceptionally painful violence was carried out.
We owe Rigas the poor innocent dog that fatefully lost his life the justice he deserves.

Please read full story with photos by clicking on the link below and also see how you can take action, so we try to make sure animal abuse doesn't happen to other dogs in Greece, we need to make sure that the Greek Animal Welfare system is harse on those who mistreat animals.