Monday, 26 September 2011

Dog Tip of the Day

Its important to understand what your dogs nose could be telling you.
So now I will tell you about a dog nose.
Normally if your dog has a moist cool nose it is a sign your dog is healthy.
If your dog has a dry nose that is warm, your dog could be unwell, although just because your dogs nose is dry it doesn't always mean your dog is poorly, unless other symptoms are present, such as scabs, sores, cracked skin or changes in the colour of the nose.
Do not ignore any discharge from your dogs nose, unless it is clear in colour.
Discharge from a dogs nose should never be thick, bubbly, smelly, yellow or green, if it is it
could mean your dog has a infection which could be anything from a simple sinus infection to a serious illness in dogs such as distemper or kennel cough.
Check your dog to make sure he or she does not have any breathing problems and that he or she does not sneeze excessively, if there are problems with breathing or sneezes a vet will need to look over your dog.
Remember also to protect a dogs nose in the strong sun to avoid skin cancer.
Best of all if you are unsure what your dogs nose is telling you either take the temperature of your dog or get him or her checked over by the local vet.
A normal dogs temperature should be between 38°c and 39.2°c.