Sunday, 27 July 2014

Allergic Reaction in Our Dog

 This month we awoke to find our poor boys face and the underneath of his eye swollen on one side of his face.
He had a runny nose, his eye had a little discharge and his mouth was drooling, we monitored him for a short while and then decided to take him to the vets.
We didn't like his behaviour it was very out of character, he seemed depressed and lethargic.
And it had got to the stage where our angel couldn't open his eye properly as it was so swollen, so he had to keep squinting. The vet administered an injection into him, this was to take the swelling in his face down.
His face stayed swollen and we kept an eye on him but the next morning his face was back to normal.
For three days all was ok until the swelling came back, we phoned the vet, he told us to go into a chemist and ask for Prednisolone, we did this and gave him a tablet.
Once again all day his face was swollen and overnight we awoke to find the swelling had gone again.
We continued to give him a couple more tablets to be sure the swelling wouldn't come back.
The vet thinks that our dog was stung by a bee or similar and had an allergic reaction, we also are not ruling out an allergic reaction to grass seeds etc.....
Our boy loves to trample head first into bushes and roll his body and face around on the grass, we think that was the cause of his reaction.
We still do not know why the swelling came back on his face after three days, maybe there was still some poison or a foreign body reacting in his system, all we know is our dog suffered an allergic reaction.
All we know is he is back to his happy, healthy and handsome self and we are very grateful for that.