Tuesday, 17 April 2012

National Pet Month

We are now well in to National Pet Month, which this year started running from the 7th April and will close on the 7th May.

What is National Pet Month all about?

National Pet Month is a time to raise awareness about pets and animals and for owners to practice good pet ownership.

The aims of the month are:

* For people to understand the important role that working animals play.
* To ensure that people understand the benefits of owning a pet and how pet owners make a big difference to animals lives.
* To let people know about the various products and services that are available to pet owners from specialists.
* For people to take their role as a responsible pet owner seriously.

There are many things you could do to get involved and play your part in National Pet Month.

This includes;

* Raffles
* Competitions
* Pet Walks
* Jumble Sales
* Pet Shows
* Sponsored Walk or Swim
* Disco
* Open days at Vets or Animal Shelters (so people can learn all about pets health at the vets or see what a difference one person, rehoming a pet from an animal shelter, could make to that animals life)
* Open days at Police Dog Centres (so people can see the important role that police dogs have in catching criminals and understand how intelligent they are)
plus many more...................

If you are interested in joining in or would like to host an event please visit Here for more info.