Sunday, 10 April 2011

Help Save Lennox

Some of you may have heard of Lennox the Labrador/American Bull Dog Mix who has been seized from his family and now his life is on the line because of an out of date/discriminating Law in Northern Ireland. After the wardens measured him, he was deemed by them a pit bull type. So for no reason he was just taken away from his family in May 2010 to live in solitary confinement in a inhumane small dirty concrete room and that is where he still is now.
What is really sad about this is the fact that Lennox is suffering and he may lose his life by Breed Discrimination. He is innocent, he didn't choose to live where he did and to be the breed he is.
What can be done?  If the family cannot have Lennox back a Rescue Centre in Ireland is willing to take Lennox on and rehome him in an area where his breed is accepted.
Everybody needs to speak up about this we cannot stand by and watch an innocent family pet being murdered because of a breed name.
Today it is Lennox, Tomorrow it is your Dog.

Please Help by Signing this Petition

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