Thursday, 18 December 2014

Denver the Guilty Dog Destroys the Christmas Balls

Watch this Funny Christmas Dog Video:-

Our Wonderful Festive Dog At Christmas Time

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Funny Dog Video's of Our Pointer

Video of our Pointer dog getting very excited about her barking dog toy.

Video of our Pointer dog enjoying playing with her basketball.

Friday, 3 October 2014

World Animal Day 4th October 2014

Celebrate World Animal Day 4th October 2014

A day to celebrate all animals lives and to appreciate the way animals enrich and better our lives.
To show kindness and compassion to animals and be grateful for the wonderful bonds we share with animals but also to remember the unique and important roles that animals play in our lives.

Events for World Animal Day and Other Interesting Information

Events Taking Place in Europe

Events Taking Place in America and Canada

Celebrity Support for World Animal Day

Winner of World Animal Day grant is announced!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Cruel History of the Stray Dogs in Istanbul, Turkey

Life is never easy for the poor stray dogs, they strive to find reliable food sources and good people, struggle to stay alive in the hot, wet and cold months, endeavor to find sheltered and protected places to sleep, while covering many miles a day and risking their lives by crossing many dangerous roads, every day in order to survive.
And if that is not enough, the street dogs lives are made even more difficult by man.
They are chased from that corner, kicked for exploring too close to that shop, shunned and ignore by many locals, in some cases even painfully poisoned and also aimed at and sped up on when they are crossing the road.

Watch this video, it gives an insight into the plight of the stray dogs of Istanbul, Turkey in 1910. It shows you how difficult life was for the poor Turkish street dogs and how cruelly they were treated and eradicated back then by man.
It is unforgivable and never forgotten what man did to mans best friend back in Turkey all those years ago and it is cruelty to stray dogs in its highest form but even in today's society it is heartbreaking to see the pain and suffering inflicted by man on innocent, trusting and vulnerable animals and we should never tolerate it .

The video tells the story of the Turkish strays and contains powerful photos.

Sesim Rüzgara: Modern Bir Sürgün Hikayesi from KAFA TV on Vimeo.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Greetings from Street Dogs

Here are greetings from some of the wonderful street dogs who's paths we have crossed, we have met so many amazing street dogs, who have all been so friendly and gentle.

Adopting one of these lovely souls will get them off the street and save their life, their lives are not only very tough but uncertain too.
Street dogs make for the most loyal and loving pets. 
Please consider helping the street dogs in Eastern Europe. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Allergic Reaction in Our Dog

 This month we awoke to find our poor boys face and the underneath of his eye swollen on one side of his face.
He had a runny nose, his eye had a little discharge and his mouth was drooling, we monitored him for a short while and then decided to take him to the vets.
We didn't like his behaviour it was very out of character, he seemed depressed and lethargic.
And it had got to the stage where our angel couldn't open his eye properly as it was so swollen, so he had to keep squinting. The vet administered an injection into him, this was to take the swelling in his face down.
His face stayed swollen and we kept an eye on him but the next morning his face was back to normal.
For three days all was ok until the swelling came back, we phoned the vet, he told us to go into a chemist and ask for Prednisolone, we did this and gave him a tablet.
Once again all day his face was swollen and overnight we awoke to find the swelling had gone again.
We continued to give him a couple more tablets to be sure the swelling wouldn't come back.
The vet thinks that our dog was stung by a bee or similar and had an allergic reaction, we also are not ruling out an allergic reaction to grass seeds etc.....
Our boy loves to trample head first into bushes and roll his body and face around on the grass, we think that was the cause of his reaction.
We still do not know why the swelling came back on his face after three days, maybe there was still some poison or a foreign body reacting in his system, all we know is our dog suffered an allergic reaction.
All we know is he is back to his happy, healthy and handsome self and we are very grateful for that.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil vs Brazilian Stray Dogs

The long awaited Fifa World Cup 2014 is now well on its way, this year Brazil are the hosts.
I was thinking about Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia and how they cruelly rounded up the stray dogs to 'clean up' the town before the games started and I was truly hoping that Brazil didn't carry out the same inhumane method towards their innocent street dogs too.

I didn't need to look far on the internet before I was faced with the grim reality that Brazil had too rounded up and removed their homeless dogs from the streets, in order for this competition to take place.
I am, as always shocked and dismayed at the callous decision made in Brazil to remove and kill innocent stray dogs in order for a sport to take place.
In Brazil the stray dogs are known as cão comunitário, which translates as community dogs.

These stray dogs were here first and as they are a direct result of years and years of people being ignorant and either allowing their un-neutered or un-spayed owned dogs out on the street to roam or people tossing their dog out on the streets, when they decided that he/she is too big, too expensive, too loud, too energetic or the excitement of owning a dog wore off and it is exactly because of this behaviour that the stray dog population exists and that is why we owe it to the dogs to make their lives and existence easier because we created most of these lives.

There doesn't need to be a choice, people don't need to be so brutal and choose between whether Fifa World Cup can take place or whether the stray dogs live.
These street dogs here and in all other countries around the world have a right to continue their normal everyday lives on the streets, without the dogs having the potential threat of being killed by a people.
Stray dogs, like these in Brazil and many other countries are actually looked after by many locals who feed and do what they can to care for them, they live on the street, are much loved and are part of the local community.
People should learn to live alongside the stray dogs, rather than constantly be at war with everything around them, with these type of people they don't just wage a war on the dogs, they complain about absolutely everything.
Even Cave men over 30,000 years ago happily lived alongside dogs and strongly valued their companionship.

If you have spent lots of time alongside street dogs from around the world, you will understand what I mean when I say that every dog is an individual and each is lovable for their completely different traits and personalities, if you are one of these type of people, you will understand more about why killing the street dogs in totally not acceptable, because to us they are not a statistic, to us they are our companion.
These stray dogs to you and I have a name, these dogs to you and I roll over and want us to stroke their tummies, these dogs to you and I are our faithful friends, these dogs to you and I are regular and loyal visitors, these dogs to you and I enjoy their regular spot in town, these dogs to you and I greet us with a big tail wag, these dogs to you and I join us on a walk, these dogs to you and I sit at our feet, these dogs to you and I crave our love, these dogs to you and I are the make-up and character of the town.

A life is precious and we should honour that, whether it is in a person or an animal, killing these dogs so that Fifa World Cup 2014 can take place is totally unacceptable behaviour of civilised and modern day people.
The only way to deal with the stray dog population is to carry out humane methods on the street dogs, such as Neuter and Spay programs, in which the stray dogs are castrated (they can't reproduce anymore and they become calmer) then returned back to the street from he/she came from.
When the Neuter and Spay programs are carried out correctly it is the only proven successful and fair way in reducing the stray dog population.

To read the full story, click here: Stray Dogs Killed for Brazilian World Cup

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Our Boy and One of His Soft Toys

Our boy with one of his soft toys, this angel loves soft character toys the most but of course they must have a squeaker in them!
Our dog carries his soft toys around in his mouth when he is happy or when it is time for bed.
If he has a yummy dinner sometimes he will go and find one of his toys, if he is excited and feeling playful he will grab one and when its time for us to all go to sleep he carries his favourite one to bed with him. 
But he doesn't always just pick up one teddy in his mouth, he has carried three before in his mouth.
Its sad to watch him trying to fit more in, but unfortunately three soft toys in his mouth at any one time, is the limit!

Our Pointer And An Assortment of Her Balls

Our Pointer just goes crazy for balls, she loves balls so much! If we are out and other people are playing with a ball, she wants their ball. It doesn't matter what time of day, even in the middle of the night, if we pick up a ball and throw it, this Pointer is ready for action.
No other toys are good enough for her. 
This photo shows our Pointers two favourite pastimes 1. Sunbathing 2. Playing Ball

Monday, 10 March 2014

First Aid and Emergency Care for Dogs

There may become a time in your life when you might need to carry out dog first aid or life saving procedures on your dog, a strangers dog, a family or friends dog or even a stray dog, in order to help the dog or even save their life.
So be sure that you are prepared for any situation that may arise with your dog by reading this article:

First Aid and Emergency Care for Dogs

Dog Road Accident: -
If a dog is involved in a road accident, approach slowly and speak with gentle tones to the dog.
You may need to attach a lead or even muzzle the dog, as in circumstances like this the dog might be confused and could be in a lot of pain so may even mistakenly bite.
Even if the dog does appear to be ok, still take the dog for a check up at the vet as internal injuries could have occurred.
If the dog can not move, you will need to carry the dog, smaller dogs can be lifted up easily and carried with towels and blankets but larger dogs may need an improvised stretcher which can consist of towels and blankets but you will need another person to help carry the dog on it.
To avoid shock in dogs be sure to keep the dog warm with blankets until he safely reaches the vets.

Dog Bleeding: -
If a dog is bleeding be sure to stem the bleeding with a bandage or if you don't have one, use an item of clothing or something similar.
If blood seeps through the bandage continue wrapping more bandage around the site until this stops.
For areas that can't be bandaged apply pressure to the wound with a cloth or pad.
If it is a severe cut or injury be sure to take the dog to the vet as the dog may be losing a lot of blood and also need stitches.

Dog Burns: -
If a dog has been burnt run cold water over the injury for around 5 minutes and keep the dog warm.
If the burn is severe and not just superficial the dog needs to be taken to the vet as the dog may go into shock and the wound could become infected.

Dog Poisoning: -
If a dog has been poisoned try to find out what the culprit may be and look to see if there is any evidence nearby.
Take the dog to the vet immediately, do not make a dog sick as doing so could cause more harm, as some toxins are more dangerous coming back up than they were going down the esophagus.

Object stuck in Throat of Dog: -
If a dog appears to have something stuck in their throat, attempt to push on their neck to get the object up, if that doesn't work lay them down on their side and push on their tummy (just behind the last rib) to bring the object back up.

Dog Heatstroke: -
If a dog has heatstroke time is crucial to save the dog, move the dog to somewhere cool and breezy if possible.
You can wet the dogs coat with tepid water to cool the dog down (never ice cold water it actually slows heat loss) and offer the dog small amounts of water to drink.
Keep the dog as cool as possible until it reaches the vet.

Dog Stings: -
If a dog has been stung by an insect be sure to pull out the sting and then bathe the area in water or bicarbonate of soda.
However if the sting is on the face or throat you should take the dog to the vet as the body can swell and this can make it hard for the dog to breathe.

Step by Step Resuscitation for Dogs

* Lay the dog on their side.
* Check for breathing. (place fur in front of nostrils to see if it moves)
* Open mouth and pull tongue forward.
* Try to remove any obstructions. (be sure not to get bitten)
* Hold the dogs head with the nose pointing straight ahead.
* Hold the mouth closed and blow into the dogs nose. (in a minute around 20 times)
* Check for heartbeat, you can check for a pulse by feeling the dogs back leg, in the groin area, where the the leg joins the body. (a normal pulse is between 70 and 120 beats per minute)
* If there is no heartbeat, push on the chest every 1 second. (just behind the front legs)
* Give 2 breaths into the nose for every 15 compression's on the chest.

Keep this information handy or try to learn the basics as you never know when you may need to use it on helping a dog.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Street Dogs 'Over the Years'

Over the years we have had the pleasure of crossing paths with many wonderful street dogs, all of which are very different, apart from them all having two things in common and that is being gentle and kind.
Some stray dogs are big, some are small, some have long fur, others have short, some are Black in colour, others are a mixture of two or three colours and sport the most beautiful facial and body markings.
All of them have completely different traits and personalities, from a clever dog that can smell you a few streets away, to a friendly dog that greets you with a howl.
The street dogs are individuals, they do have their own personalities and if you spend the time getting to know them you will have some truly amazing experiences and make some wonderful friends along the way.
They street dogs are no different from owned dogs at home, apart from most of them having had the misfortune of being left on the side of the road when they grew too big or when the phase of owning a dog wore off.
So just because the dogs live on the streets it is not their fault and it doesn't make them any different, they still rely on humans to feed them in order to survive, they are still a 'Dog' (mans loyal best friend) for gods sake.
Due to their life experiences they make for incredible pets, they crave attention and love, show you affection back and over time when you observe their inner confidence shining out and see their fears slowly fading into the background, it is an incredible feeling.
Some street dogs are pure breed dogs but others are mixed breed dogs, the mixed breeds are wonderful as they are unlike any other dogs you have seen before, they have such beautiful appearances and are their own 'unique mix'.

Here are a just a few photos of some of the lovely street dogs we have come across: