Friday, 15 April 2011

Cheese Cheese and more Cheese

What is it about the stuff that our dog goes crazy for?!
Everytime I go into the Kitchen he knows exactly when the I get the Cheese out of the fridge. He comes trotting into the kitchen with a 'Can I have some' cute expression on his face.
Not sure if it is the plastic that is wrapped around the Cheese that gives it away and makes a slight noise or that his nose is so sensitive that he can smell the Cheese from far away but this only happens when Cheese comes out the fridge.
Of course I can't resist and have to break off a small chunk for him and he gobbles it down and looks around for more. But I have already safely covered and put the Cheese back in the fridge.
So be careful when getting the Cheese out of your fridge there might be a Hound come up behind you with his sympathy look on 'I haven't eaten yet', can I have some' and you might just have to give him a piece.


  1. Yes, cheese is FABULOUS!!!
    I'm a spray cheese fan myself!

  2. Cheese is one of my favorites too! I also love carrots!