Sunday, 10 April 2011

Patrick the Dog that was Neglected Terribly

I have been following the story of Patrick since the day they found him and he was in the breaking news. I feel saddened that someone could starve a dog and throw him out for rubbish down a chute in a apartment block. This is showing no respect for life and while watching the video I had so many tears for what the culprit had done to Poor Patrick. He was so thin and just looked very weak, it really is a miracle he is alive, Patrick the name may really have bought him ‘The Luck of the Irish’. To see how he is being cared for at AHS (Associated Humane Society) and all the treatment he has received is great, seeing him with a blanket and teddies and cuddles, things he may never have seen or had in his life. Well Done to the worker who realised the bag was moving and opened it, otherwise sadly this dog wouldn’t be here today and the culprit involved would never be facing the charges that she is.

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