Monday, 26 March 2012

Competition to Win a Mikki Grooming Glove for Dogs and Cats (Sorry UK Participants Only)

To Be in for the Chance to Win a Cool Mikki Grooming Smooth and Stroke Glove for Dogs and Cats, Simply Sign up to Our Newsletter at Pet Courtyard Pet Supplies.

About the Mikki Grooming Glove:
The Smooth 'n' Stroke is a dual action glove with one side rubber, one anti-static cotton and is ideal for short coated dogs and cats.
The rubber side massages the skin, helping to remove loose hairs and promote a healthy coat.
The velvet side catches loose hairs on the surfaces and smoothes the coat, leaving it looking shiny and smooth.
The Smooth 'n' Stroke is also ideal for grooming nervous animals as it replicates the stroking action.
Ideal for grooming most pets.

Term's & Condition's
*Only 1 Entry Per Person
*UK Residents Only 
*Winners will be notified by email within 7 days of the Closing Date
*Closing Date is Midnight 30/04/2012 

To Enter Click Here

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dog Anxiety and Treatment

There could be many reasons why your dog is suffering with anxiety, we must observe and learn from the signs and signals that our dog is giving, to discover if he is actually suffering with dog anxiety, what is causing his canine anxiety and how we can change him and make him into a calm dog.

Firstly we must look at our dogs body language, as that will tell us a lot about his state of mind, if he is a nervous dog, or if he suffers from stress in dogs.

A nervous dog will display some of the following body language;

* Tail tucked between hind legs
* Tense body
* Panting
* Cowering
* Ears pinned back
* Showing their teeth
* Hiding behind owner
* Shaking body
* Backing off from you
* Stretching and Yawning

The more advanced stages that a nervous dog will show are;

* Growling
* Barking
* Snarling
* Darting forward
* Biting

There could be many reasons as to why you have a nervous dog, such as;

* Your dog has been neglected,
* Your dog has been abused.
* Your dog has not been properly socialised.
* Your dog has suffered a traumatic experience.
* Your dog has a genetic disposition.
* Your dog feels he has no leader.

To help your nervous dog to become a calm dog, you need to spend time and have patience, as most dogs can be cured and do go on to become charming and confident pet dogs.

How you Personally can Help Treat Anxiety in Dogs 
Stage 1

* Showing your nervous dog that you are the leader is the first step, as this will help build up the confidence in your dog.

* Ensure your dog gets used to the outside world; the people, places, cars, other dogs, this will help him with his confidence and show him that there is nothing to be afraid of.
For example, if people abused him before, introduce him to your friends and get them to give him some treats or sit somewhere where many people pass by, this is so he can understand that not all people are bad, they pass by and don't hurt him and they give him yummy treats.

* Exercise and walk your dog often, as a tired dog will have less chance of thinking about his nervousness.

* Try the 'Nothing in Life is Free' technique, its all about making your dog work for what he wants.
Once you have taught your dog a few basic demands such as; Sit, Paw, Stay etc...then you can begin, before you give your dog food, a walk, a treat he must do as you say and earn it.
For example when you feed your dog, you should tell him to Sit and Stay until you have placed the dog bowl on the floor, only after he has obeyed, can he then tuck in.
You can choose your own commands and decide when to make your dog work for what he wants.
This technique is very successful in helping a nervous dog as it will help your dog to become more confident and less stressed.

Other Effective Treatments on the Market Available for Dogs with Anxiety
Stage 2

* Thundershirts - these are an anxiety coat for dogs, they give your dog a constant gentle pressure, which produces a calming effect on your dog. These are recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers, as they have a high success rate in dog calming.

* DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) - this is a plug-in that gives off a appeasing pheromone, which is similar to the smell that lactating females give off to their young, this smell has been known to effectively reassure and reduce fear in adult dogs, as well as puppies.

* Scullcap and Valerian Tablets for Dogs - these tablets are a licensed treatment for nervousness, hyperactivity and travel sickness in dogs, it is a special herbal combination which is what makes it very effective in relaxing and calming dogs.

If you combine the Stage 1 Treatments, with any, or all of the above Stage 2 Treatments, you are 
taking the appropriate steps towards freeing your dog from canine anxiety and he will soon be well on his way to becoming, a calm and relaxed dog. 

Also if you are looking for any dog supplies, we have a dog store selling all kinds of dog products, such as;
dogs food, dog grooming accessories, dog training aids, dog house and beds, plus lots more dog stuff, as well as the three above dogs treatments for anxiety.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pet Supplies Online

We all love to care for our pets and give them the best life that we can, but in this economic climate we do have to look around first and find the best pet value that we can get, with our hard earned money.

That is where Pet Courtyard comes into it, Pet Courtyard is an online pet supermarket, offering pet supplies at competitive prices, so there is no need to shop around first.

They cater for all kinds of pets such as; dogs, cats, horses, birds, small animals, reptiles and fish.

From pet food supplies to pet grooming supplies, they stock all you may need to care for your pet.

So if you are looking for quality pet care products, browse their supplies first, as you can be sure that you will be impressed with the reasonable prices on offer.

Here are a few of the many pet supplies that can be found at Pet Courtyard:

* Dog Houses
* Bird Cages
* Cat Games
* Fish Aquariums
* Bird Perches
* Horse Bridles
* Live Food for Reptiles
* Reptile Terrarium
* Horse Feed
* Dog Training Devices
* Birdcages
* Food for Fish
* Rabbit Run
* Cat Litter Box

This is only a small amount of the large collection of pet products that are currently available.

To view the full selection of pet value supplies visit Pet Courtyard.