Sunday, 3 April 2011

Welcome to our Dogs

We have 2 dogs, a Male Husky/Kangal (Turkish Breed) Mix and a Female Pointer.
Both are very different, its so nice to have 2 completly different dogs.
Our Husky/Kangal Mix is a great guard dog, loves the cold, wind and snow, very proud, selective of what he eats, loves toys but does not chew them up, loves hide and seek game and digging.
Our Pointer is great at spotting cats, hates the cold, is like a baby, loves to chew her toys up, loves fetch game, eats absolulty anything.
The things they both have in common is their friendship for eachother, their excitement for dinner times and trips to the beach, which excites both of them very much.
We very much look forward to the pair of them greeting us when we come home and love spending time with them and their great individual personalities.

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