Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Romania, the Land of Death For Stray Dogs

Romania, a country reaped in history, a country where you are greeted by outstanding natural beauty, rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, but regrettably also a country were corruption, greed and brutality is rife.

After the incident of the child, Ionut, who was killed in suspicious circumstances in Bucharest, the government announced a new law on September 10th 2013, this law would put every stray dogs life that lived in Romania, in complete jeopardy.

The new law to 'euthanise all stray dogs, even healthy ones' was a harsh and brutal law bought in by propaganda and for nothing other than greed.

Its easy to turn the blame onto the stray dogs as they can't speak up and defend themselves, they are vulnerable and easy pickings for those with ulterior motives.
We do not know exactly how this child died or who or what killed this child, so we therefore have no right to blame innocent stray dogs for this tragedy.

There is too much negative press on the stray dogs through the media in Romania, they show one sided interviews, they present views only from anti stray persons and they show false or misleading statistics.
The media only adds fuel to the fire and creates an unnecessary situation, they manipulate the population with one sided views, which in turn creates fear in the people and makes the people dislike strays.

There are so many unanswered questions and the first port of call would be the grandmother, I don't want to get personal but surely the initial fault must lie with her, letting her grandchildren out of her sight for far too long.

We all know why the Romanian government conveniently wishes to blame the stray dogs for any tragedy that occurs on the streets, its simple because the stray dogs are worth money to them, especially if they are a 'problem'.
The government are not trying to control the stray dog population, they are trying to make money out of the situation.
Instead of carrying out Neuter, Spay and Release on the street dogs of Romania, which successfully reduces the stray dog population, they choose the brutal choice of collect and murder.
Neuter and Spaying the stray dogs isn't as profitable for them, as killing them is, so sadly because of corruption and greed, the stray dogs have suffered and continue to suffer immensely.
Innocent lives are lost to the hands of these brutal killers who seem to show no remorse or pity for the cruel and sick acts that they commit on these innocent creatures.

Even though this new proposed law is currently stated as being 'frozen', mayors, groups and individuals have still taken it into their own hands to kill innocent strays all over Romania.
Awful photos emerge after this new law was announced, it seems monsters were born or were already there in hiding and this new law has in effect given them permission to go out on the streets and carry out aggressive, sick, brutal and violent attacks on the vulnerable and unsuspecting stray dogs.
The photos that emerge are photos of innocent stray dogs that peacefully lived alongside the communities, murdered and treated in the most terrible ways, beaten with weapons, stabbed to death, tricked and poisoned, no victims were sparred, among the photos are friendly dogs, dogs that have lived in the communities for years, pregnant dogs, old dogs and even puppies.
Brutality on a large scale is being shown from the dog catchers, they are trying to steal owned dogs and are inflicting injuries on the owners in the process also they are collecting stray dogs in an aggressive and inhumane manner, the dogs are left with injuries from the capture process and sometimes death has occurred instantly.

I feel saddened as money is budgeted and put aside for the stray dogs of Romania to help and control the stray dog population, which will in turn improve both the humans and the stray dogs lives but these twisted government officials are using the money for themselves and the street dogs suffer at the hands of them because they are 'voiceless'.

I must just say, of all the stray dogs that I have come across, hundreds and hundreds of them, I have never come across an aggressive stray dog, most have all just wanted love and affection, some were too scared to come near me, for obvious reasons, but none of them ever showed signs of aggression. All they wanted is human interaction and to be loved, lots of them would even chose cuddles over eating the food I would give, it would mean so much more to them. So from my experience of stray dogs, observing them and spending time with them I know what they are like and I know how much trust they have in us humans, even though they are let down by people and scared time after time, they are always forgiving and its a common sight to see a wag of a tail from them, when they realise that you are going to be kind to them and not hurt them.
Its their only fault really, they are too kind, too trusting and too friendly for their own good.

I cannot bear to think about what will happen today, how many more innocent and friendly stray dogs that are peacefully sleeping or innocently walking along the streets, will lose their lives? Will luck give them another day or will they be unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

How you can help:

Sign the Petitions

The Romanian Government and the European Parliament: End Romanias Government abuse of public funds

Give the Romanian Stray Dogs The Chance to Live

Romanian Government: STOP mass killing dogs! Adopt mass sterilization!

Constitutional Court of Romania: Please reject the PL912 modification proposal of the Lower House

Adopt, Sponser or Foster a Romanian Stray Dog and Save Their Life

PHOTOS - Flash was brutally cut open by the stomach and during operation to put intestines back in, the heart stopped and Kloe was frightened when the dog catcher put the noose around her neck and she suffered a heart attack.
These are just two cases of the thousands of stray dogs in Romania that have cruelly lost their lives since this new law came in.