Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Blind Great Dane Lily and her Guide Dog Maddison are Looking for a New Home

The other day I read the story in the news of the blind Great Dane Lily and her dog pal and carer Maddison. I have so much admiration for Lily carrying on the way she is and also for her best pal Maddison, who has made the whole thing possible.
When Lily was a puppy she sadly suffered from a condition which meant that her eyelashes grew into her eyes, this over time damaged her eyeballs so much that they couldn't be fixed and ultimately she had to have her eyes removed.
Living with Maddison at the time, Lily and Maddison became very close, Maddison knew that Lily had a disadvantage and made allowances for that. It was from then on that Maddison became Lily's guide dog and went everywhere that she did.
When I read the story a few days ago I learnt that Lily and her best friend Maddison were looking for a new home together and I was desperately hoping someone would come forward and offer these two admirable dogs for adoption, another chance in life (their previous owner for whatever reason, gave them up) as I thought they truly deserved to have a loving home.
It was so heart warming to read the way they work together and look after each other, here is an extract from the Manager at the Dogs Trust (where the dogs currently are) Louise Campbell:
'Maddison will lead and Lily will walk nearly touching her so she knows where to go. It’s lovely to watch. Maddison is always looking out for her.'
'They curl up together to go to sleep and they are very vocal with each other.'
I have read the latest up to date news and I am happy to see there has been lots of interest and phone calls from people wanting to take these special dogs on. However at present these dogs need rehoming so if you feel you could offer that to them get in touch with:
Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, Shrewsbury UK.
Roden Lane Farm
Tel: 01952 770225

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thailand Flooding

As we know this year Thailand have sadly suffered with terrible floods since August 2011 'the worse they have seen in 5o years' . This natural disaster has claimed lives, cost billions, left lots of people homeless and even torn many pets in Thailand tragically away from their owners, some of the lucky ones are being saved as they eagerly await help, while desperately trying to keep their heads above the water - this is thanks to some great animal rescue charities out there.
Here is a video that shows the extent of the Thailand flooding and the charity that is trying to do all they can to save these poor dogs lives.

Monday, 17 October 2011

7 Ways to Care for a Dog in Winter

As we are almost coming to the end of Autumn and fast approaching Winter it is important to know how to care for your dog during this time of year.

Here are a few helpful tips on how you can care for a dog:
1) Do not shave a dogs winter coat your dog will need this to keep warm during these next months. If you have a short-haired dog you may need to think about investing in a dog coat to keep your pooch warm, especially while out walking.
2) Dogs need more food so their bodies can generate body heat to keep them warm, this is especially important if your dog lives in an outside area.
3) If you live in an area with snakes be wary with your dog at this time of year as the snakes are looking for somewhere to hibernate and may be short-tempered, which can make them prone to attack.
4) Ensure that your dogs sleeping area or bed is free from draughts as in the winter months these often occur. This also applies in you have an outside dog living in a kennel, ensure that the kennel is facing away from the winds and draughts and is well made and wind proof. Even better if it is possible keep dogs inside the home during the real cold and wet weather.
5) Remember to protect your dog from fleas because they are still around and active this time of year. I find the best flea and tick killer is Frontline, as it has always protected my two dogs very well.
6) Be cautious when putting antifreeze in your car, make sure that you wash any spilt antifreeze away properly as this can be very harmful if ingested by dogs.
7) Rodent killer is often put down this time of year to stop pests from getting into the home. Be aware that the rodent killer is also harmful to your pet dog.
If you follow this advice on caring for a dog you are ensuring that your dogs health is kept in good shape and a dog needs a responsible owner.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Two Great Books about Dog Rescue

Having just finished reading the sequel to 'One Dog at a Time' by Pen Farthing (No Place like Home), I must say I am disappointed that they have both come to an end as I was thoroughly enjoying reading them. So here is my dog book review on two of the best seller books that I came across.
Pen Farthings style of writing is addictive and his experiences of life I feel I can really relate to, because I have have also experienced most of the same things with stray dogs that I have come across before and also I myself too own two rescued dogs that lived their lives as strays before.
While Pen was carrying out his duty as a Royal Marine in Afganistan he also becomes heavily involved in caring for any stray dogs that cross his path and being a dog lover he does all he can to help them in their time of need. In the first book 'One Dog at a Time' you will read about how he balances his work duty, while caring for the dogs of Helmand in Afganistan. Naturally he becomes attached to the dogs he has been caring for and embarks on a plan to try to rescue some of them.
The second book  'No Place like Home' is a sequel to the first one. In this book Pen writes about the experiences and adventures of himself rescuing two stray dogs and inviting them into his home to live with him, his wife and two existing dogs.  He also decides to set up a charity helping other soldiers, so they can save their furry friends too.
These books are simply great, they will have you feeling all kinds of mixed emotions and if you love dogs, like me, then these two books are not to be missed and come with a recommendation from me. And all the latest book reviews give this book a five out of five.
If you buy books online, here is the links below for a online book seller that sells 'One Dog at a Time' and 'No Place like Home':

Click on book for Prices

Click on book for Prices

Monday, 3 October 2011

World Animal Day 4th October 2011

World Animal Day comes every year on the 4th October.
It is a Special Day, in which we as humans should show appreciation to all living animals and be grateful for what we have learnt from spending time with animals and appreciate the special bonds that we have shared with living animals. It is a Animal Welfare Day and International Animal Rights is a very important subject.
October the 4th World Animal Welfare Day, came to be on this day as it is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.
World Animal Day is celebrated all around the world. If you would like to know what is going on in you part of the world you can look on this website: http://www.worldanimalday.org.uk/
If you cannot take part in any events or host an event yourself for whatever reason, just do what you can and make you own difference.
If you live in an area with stray dogs and stray cats you can put out banners for all to see, about protecting the dogs and cats as they are living creatures that deserve respect or that neuter and spay operations are the way forward.
Even spending time with stray dogs and cats or animals in need, giving them some much needed love, care and food it can make a difference, even to just 1 dog or 1 cats life.
Care for living animals always, but on the 4th October Animals Day, especially take the time out to do something special.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Help to Save the Stray Dogs and Cats of Ukraine

Stray dogs and cats all around the world are always victimised, simply because they cannot defend themselves or speak up for themselves and sadly the human race take advantage of these facts and take unnecessary and cruel acts into their own murderous hands.

I am talking about the current situation of how Ukraine think it is right to deal with the stray dogs and cats.

In a city called Lysychansk in Ukraine, the authorities think that the way to deal with the stray dogs and cats is to capture the strays and throw them into a 900 degree oven and burn them alive.

It is particularly concerning for me to hear that authorities say this is a "more modern, environmentally safe way of taking care of this problem" and what is even more shocking is, this has come about in the name of the UEFA European Football Championship.

As soon as Ukraine realised that they had jointly won the bid with Poland to host the UEFA Euro 2012 they embarked on their clean up plan to rid the streets of the stray dogs and cats, that have always lived there without harming anyone.

This is the not the first time Ukraine News has reported how badly treated their stray dogs and cats are. Ukraine have already been known in the past to use an illegal poison called ditiline, of which has a shocking effect on the poor stray animals, the respiratory muscles of the victim are paralyzed and the poor creatures lungs fail.

Isn't it sad that a country receives some fame and glory and then all sense and what is morally right just goes out the window?!
Why should the stray dogs and cats suffer because of Ukraine getting some much needed fame?
The only thing this has bought to my attention is bad press for Ukraine, nothing positive is coming out of the inhumane acts they are carrying out and certainly this will be bad for Ukraine tourism.

The only fair and humane way forward, is Neuter and Spay I will never accept that killing innocent creatures that have played no part in their misfortune should be punished and have their poor lives cruelly stolen from them.

If no-one ever speaks up for these poor stray dogs and cats nothing will ever change, these control freaks think that they are like god and can make these type of decisions, which they have no right to.

In this world we are living in, just one person speaking out about something that they strongly believe in can make all the difference.
Maybe you are that one person...

If you are purchasing tickets UEFA Euro 2012 tickets you need to be aware of what the authorities are doing to the stray dogs and cats of Ukraine.
We all love football, but no-one loves the innocent stray dogs and cats of Ukraine burnt alive in order for Ukraine to host UEFA 2012.

And to all you animal lovers out there, there are plently of stray dogs to adopt or help in Ukraine if you can.

Please Help By Signing this Petition:

Petition for Stray Dogs and Cats in Ukraine.