Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

One more sleep to go and then it will be Christmas!
Our dogs will have their own pressies to open tomorrow and we will make them a special Christmas dinner to enjoy.
Our boy loves the Christmas tree and sits next to it happily as though he is eagerly waiting for Santa Paws to come.
Our girl wraps up and stays snuggled in her bed hibernating from the cold, only to appear for dinner.

Happy Christmas All, from Us and Our Two Dogs!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Loyal Dog wont leave Companions Grave

I read the story of the loyal dog in China who wouldn't leave his companions grave after he had passed away, I wasn't surprised at all, as I know from my own experience how loyal dogs can actually be.

The chinese man was an elderly, unmarried man who would always be with his dog, his dog was his whole family.

When the dog went missing after the owner passed away, no-one thought the dog would be found at his owners grave. Locals found the loyal dog lying by the grave and as much as they tried to coax him away to come back into the town for food, he wasn’t going to budge from his owners grave.

As soon as he was coaxed away for a short matter of time he would soon be back by his masters grave again as he is the most loyal dog to his owner.

There was nothing more the locals could do apart from bring food and water to the graveside and let him eat there. The towns people are planning to build him a permanent kennel if he chooses to remain at the graveside of his companion.

This story just highlights the fact that dogs become very attached to their owners, feel like they are part of the same pack and are loyal and will stand by and protect their owners, in this case even after the very end.

To watch the video click here

Monday, 5 December 2011

Romanian Government Votes to Euthanize Stray Dogs

The Government in Romania have made the sad and inhumane decision to murder the stray dog population that exists there as they will go ahead and euthanize stray dogs.
I quote:
'Parliament voted by 168-111 to pass the law, which is expected to be signed by President Traian Basescu. The law will allow officials to round up homeless dogs from the street, hold them in shelters for 30 days and then have them killed.'
I feel this is disgraceful and totally the wrong way in successfully controlling the stray dog population in Romania.
It is a money making scheme in which officials will benefit from the deaths of the dogs, as money will be sent to them to carry out these murderous acts.
Thousands of innocent dogs will die, they are totally oblivious to the fact that this law has been voted for and that they will no longer roam free and live their everyday life. They do not know that tomorrow may be their last day to live their last day for human affection, their last meal they would eat, this is all because 'the human race is far 'superior' to dogs and has the right to choose who should live and who should die.' (I don't think so!)
The only way forward is Neuter, Spay and releasing some dogs back to their territories, while keeping others in dog shelters where there is a chance for people to rescue a dog or find dogs for adoption. Dog owners need to be may responsible for their dogs and it should be mandatory for all owners to have their dogs operated on, registered and all paperwork in place.