Monday, 11 April 2011

Help the Stray Dogs of Romania

I am disgusted to read about Romania's inhumane way to deal with their stray dogs. I cannot believe a country that is a member of the EU has come to the decision that they will murder all their stray dogs, even dogs that they have previously operated on and are wearing ear tags, they will not reproduce more dogs so what a waste of time and money getting them operated on. Its clearly a vendetta against all dogs. It is crazy, the solution is Neuter and Spay, evidence in the past has shown that when these narrow minded people kill the dogs, more dogs arrive and the dogs population builds up again but if you Neuter and Spay the dogs will stay at a controlled rate. They are trying to get the previous law that stood in place changed from 'Romanian law dictates that only dogs with health or behavioral problems may be euthanized.' to this  'euthanize healthy dogs'. I feel appalled at Romania and can not have respect for a country that treats living creatures so cruel.

This is the stray dogs last chance for us humans to speak out for them.

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  1. I could hardly look at the picture. That is just so awful!!!

  2. Oh I can barely look
    In America that's called ANIMAL ABUSE!!!
    I am glad I'm an American dog and not a stray. That's sooo sad :(

  3. how about cage the people who did this the same way and dump them all in the dumpster