Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Shocking Animal Brutality from an Albanian Man in Greece

After coming across this story I was shocked and deeply saddened.
Saddened for the the poor dog that painfully and innocently lost his life, saddened for the other dog that sustained terrible injuries but managed to fight to survive and shocked that a human could carry out such a crazed and barbaric attack on such vulnerable creatures.

This is a terrible story of Animal abuse in Greece where an Albanian Man murdered a dog and horrifically injured another.

In December 2011 an Albanian man living in Greece near Athens attempted to kill three dogs, one of which he sadly succeeded in doing so.
He gained the trust of these beautiful dogs and lured them into his garden, thankfully one of them managed to escape, but the other two were at his mercy, trapped in a fenced off garden unable to escape.
It was then that he started carrying out his sick murderous acts of, hitting the dogs on their heads with an iron bar and a sledgehammer.
The poor dogs screams could be heard by neighbours who came out to see what was going on.
The neighbours tried to stop this crazed Albanian Man but he just threatened those people with violence.
One of the neighbours called the police and the police arrived, Rigas the first dog was found in a garbage bag and Duke the second dog was about to be attacked again by this terrible man, they intervened and took the man away and got to the dogs to a vet as soon as they could.
Rigas tragically lost his life and passed away, he never came out of a coma and also had a broken skull.
Duke luckily is out of danger but remains scared and confused and obviously has a massive head injury.

We need to speak out, we cannot stay silent about things that matter. Rigas was innocently murdered, he was blessed to have life and cruelly this evil man decided he would steal that from him and he also nearly stole the second dogs life too.
We need to speak out for these two beautiful dogs Rigas and Duke that were tricked in this mans garden on false trust and then sick acts of exceptionally painful violence was carried out.
We owe Rigas the poor innocent dog that fatefully lost his life the justice he deserves.

Please read full story with photos by clicking on the link below and also see how you can take action, so we try to make sure animal abuse doesn't happen to other dogs in Greece, we need to make sure that the Greek Animal Welfare system is harse on those who mistreat animals.