Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Cruel History of the Stray Dogs in Istanbul, Turkey

Life is never easy for the poor stray dogs, they strive to find reliable food sources and good people, struggle to stay alive in the hot, wet and cold months, endeavor to find sheltered and protected places to sleep, while covering many miles a day and risking their lives by crossing many dangerous roads, every day in order to survive.
And if that is not enough, the street dogs lives are made even more difficult by man.
They are chased from that corner, kicked for exploring too close to that shop, shunned and ignore by many locals, in some cases even painfully poisoned and also aimed at and sped up on when they are crossing the road.

Watch this video, it gives an insight into the plight of the stray dogs of Istanbul, Turkey in 1910. It shows you how difficult life was for the poor Turkish street dogs and how cruelly they were treated and eradicated back then by man.
It is unforgivable and never forgotten what man did to mans best friend back in Turkey all those years ago and it is cruelty to stray dogs in its highest form but even in today's society it is heartbreaking to see the pain and suffering inflicted by man on innocent, trusting and vulnerable animals and we should never tolerate it .

The video tells the story of the Turkish strays and contains powerful photos.

Sesim Rüzgara: Modern Bir Sürgün Hikayesi from KAFA TV on Vimeo.