Saturday, 4 June 2011

'Star' The Collie Cross That Was Buried Alive

The photo is heartbreaking, the facts seem surreal.
But it is only too real, it is a terrible severe act of animal cruelty.
This poor dog (named Star by her rescuers) in Malta was cruelly buried alive and if that wasn't bad enough, she sustained appalling injuries before being buried such as; 40 pellet gun shots to her head, her legs tied together with lace and her muzzle bound together with wire - shocking is an understatement.
It is clear that the twisted culprit responsible didn't want this poor dog to survive and did everything in his/her power to end this dogs life.
As if shooting the dog, bounding the dog and burying the dog wasn't evil enough, the abuser had covered the poor dog with a wooden panel and weighed it down to really seal her fate and end her life.
It emerged that the shots were from close range which backs up even more that it was a planned murder.
It saddens me that we are living among humans who have it in them to carry out such malicious harmful acts on innocent creatures.
This dog is one of the lucky ones, that was found by passing Animal Welfare Officers whom were nearby investigating another cause and by chance heard this poor dog whimpering.
But how many more animals go undetected and die a sad lonely death from abuse?

Star is lucky she survived and that the welfare officers found her, otherwise she would not be here today.
She really is brave and a true fighter, all I hope now is that she can be adopted by a family that will keep her safe, love her and for her never to feel pain like that again.