Thursday, 5 May 2011

KG Dogfighting Previously Known as Dog Wars

Some people have asked me my views on the the new Google Android game that was called 'Dog Wars' and that has now recently been renamed 'KG Dogfighting'.
I feel it glorifies real dog fighting and condones it as something cool and fun to do, I also feel it will change the way some people see dogs and they may start seeing them in a different light. Instead of owning a dog and treating it like part of the family, giving it food, caring for it, showing it love it could make people see a dog as a money making object and that the dog must fight and perform well for its food.
Children are very easily influenced by things they see on the TV and Games, they want to copy and act out what they see.
Kage Games witheld the game and changed the name to KG Dogfighting for trademark purposes, nothing has changed it is still the same cruel game.
It has reportedly been said by Kage Games that the game is educate the public on the evils of animal cruelty. But it does not educate people on animal cruelty as it does not show police arresting and fining the dog fighters, it does not show the dogs being taken away by animal welfare officers and it does not show the dogs in pain and suffering.
I would say it is more likely to educate people and give them the knowledge on how to train a dog to fight in real life.
All around the world now people/organisations/governments are trying hard to phase out dog fighting with some positive action which involves making harsher punishments for convicted dog fighter culprits, this is in order to stop people from taking innocent dogs and forcing them into fighting for money. Some dogs are lucky enough to live but are scarred forever but others sadly lose their lives.
And Kage Games go and release something like this.

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