Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Elusive Draught Excluder…..

After his 5th Bark of the morning, I roll out of bed.....As much as he would like me to get up on his 1st bark, I simply can't.
Every morning our Kangal/Husky Mix Male decides when everybody is going to get up to go on the walk.
Its funny to think about how he obviously barks for no reason and outdoor everyday noises he'd normally ignore, when he wants us to get up he barks at them. The dustbin men passing etc...
As I get myself ready I notice the Draught Excluder (its a long furry sausage dog shape) by the front door is missing.....where am I going to find it? Yep you guessed it.....I stroll back into the bedroom to see him laying down asleep using the Draught Excluder as a pillow!
This is the morning ritual and its so funny to think that once he has successfully woken us up and got us out of bed and his job is done, he lays back down and has a extra deserving kip while we get ourselves changed and ready for the walk.
And everynight we put the Draught Excluder down by the front door and every morning our cheeky dog has taken it and has added it to part of his collection of soft toys.
Thats why I got chilly last night!

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  1. It must be nice having a dog enthusiastic about you getting out of bed! Not only will my beagle wait until the very last person is up, but half the time he grumbles and howls at me at the mere suggestion of the morning walk. Nothing like starting your day with a furious beagle...