Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Do Dogs Dream?

Yes I think its clear that dogs do dream.

I am the owner of 2 dogs and 1 of them has more of an active imagination and dreams regularly.
My Kangal/Husky mix often dreams, his legs make a running movement while lying on his side, his tail wags, he growls and he makes loud hiccup whooping noises. Wheras my Pointer doesn’t dream often only sometimes she will also make loud hiccup whooping noises, but rarely.

Like humans dogs sleep in (SWS) and (REM) phases. Only humans sleep for longer.

(REM) - Rapid Eye Movement
All the dreaming happens in the REM phase when your dog is in a very deep sleep and this is when there is most brain activity.

(SWS) – Slow Wave Sleep
In the SWS phase your dog will be more likely to wake up. When your dog is still and breathing heavily this is the SWS phase.

Dreaming often happens when we come back from the beach, so I like to think that he has enjoyed himself so much he is dreaming he is back on the beach again running around, digging and playing games.

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