Thursday, 15 December 2011

Loyal Dog wont leave Companions Grave

I read the story of the loyal dog in China who wouldn't leave his companions grave after he had passed away, I wasn't surprised at all, as I know from my own experience how loyal dogs can actually be.

The chinese man was an elderly, unmarried man who would always be with his dog, his dog was his whole family.

When the dog went missing after the owner passed away, no-one thought the dog would be found at his owners grave. Locals found the loyal dog lying by the grave and as much as they tried to coax him away to come back into the town for food, he wasn’t going to budge from his owners grave.

As soon as he was coaxed away for a short matter of time he would soon be back by his masters grave again as he is the most loyal dog to his owner.

There was nothing more the locals could do apart from bring food and water to the graveside and let him eat there. The towns people are planning to build him a permanent kennel if he chooses to remain at the graveside of his companion.

This story just highlights the fact that dogs become very attached to their owners, feel like they are part of the same pack and are loyal and will stand by and protect their owners, in this case even after the very end.

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