Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mutilated USA Dog 'Hope' Passes Away

Once again severe animal cruelty news comes to light in an animal abuse story that was carried out by an individual, which was in the form of terrible neglect and abuse on a living creature, that ultimately lead to the death of this poor innocent dog named 'Hope'.
'Hope' the abused animal was found tied to a tree in the woods, not only severely emaciated, but tied up by an electrical cord (left to die, as admitted by her owner).
On further inspection it became apparent that Hope a victim of animal abuse, was nearly decapitated.
She was taken to a pound to be rescued and given medical care as her megaesophagus and trachea cord was severed.
All looked well for a while.......
A couple came in to the humane society animal shelter and adopted Hope and took her to get special care, to help a dog that was in need.
The vet carried out the emergency surgery on the abused animal and all went well.
Hope had started playing and there really was 'hope' for her future and to make a recovery.
Then sadly, her breathing got bad, so oxygen was given to her.
This was not enough and Hope passed away, 'her body just gave up on her' her adopted owner remarked.
All we can be thankful about this terrible case of cruelty to an animal is that, she is finally at peace and her owner has been charged for animal cruelty, for his terrible unforgivable sin of animal abuse and cruelty to one of the many loving animals of the USA.
We all live in hope that animal cruelty to dogs will become a thing of the past, but these stories sadly just keep coming to our attention and the need to help a dog is always there.

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