Monday, 11 July 2011

Another Ball Bites the Dust

We was just browsing around on our day out and I spotted these small soft cartoon character balls, immediately I thought of our 2 hounds at home who would be delighted at the prospect of the arrival yet another new toy.
For them, the sight of a new toy that they can play with is a very happy moment.
We purchased 2, a Thomas the Tank Engine for our male dog and some other feminine cartoon design for our pointer and I safely tucked them away in my handbag.
Upon us arriving home, as usual both dogs were very excited and we was greeted by two tails permanently wagging, our male could have knocked someone over with his tail as he has a lovely big fluffy tail and his tail was moving in a very fast happy motion. (we call his tail Rod Stewart - as it is so big and fluffy and when he has been washed and he holds his tail up high with it curling around slightly,  the hair hangs down like Rods hair - his tail is gorgeous!)
After a short break and relax at home we thought it was about time to take them 'Walkies'.
My partner produced the dogs new toys from my handbag and he rolled our Kangal/Husky Mix his one. He caught it and ran off happily with it to his favourite rug where he sniffed it and licked it, it was even a tough decision for him whether to stay at home with his new ball or go walkies....he finally chose walkies.
Our pointer got given her ball on the walk because she loves to play catch on the walk or for us to throw it in the sea for her to retrieve.
After some fun by the sea with her catching, fetching and retrieving the ball went slightly off course and landed in the sea, now I did mention that she retrieves from the sea but of course it all depends on the conditions at sea (whether the sea is calm or whether the waves are crashing in) and how many rocks are around for her to cheat her way into the sea without properly swimming. (she has tried swimming but she does not seem very strong and does not get far)  She sometimes has a habit of climbing around on the rocks and leaning her face forward as far as she can go to try and let the tide float the ball in her mouth, which sometimes pays off (cheating or what!?). This is what happened today except the tide wasn't in her favour and we all watched as the ball started off a couple of feet away from the rock she was standing on, which she could have easily managed to get it if she had put her mind to it, to the ball floating out metres and metres into the depths of the sea.
It felt like deja vu for us, as this must have been the 6th or 7th ball in the last couple of months that she has lost to sea and we have seen her face so many times before as she stands on the furthest rock out whining for her long lost ball to come back to her, which of course it never does.

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