Saturday, 25 January 2014

Street Dogs 'Over the Years'

Over the years we have had the pleasure of crossing paths with many wonderful street dogs, all of which are very different, apart from them all having two things in common and that is being gentle and kind.
Some stray dogs are big, some are small, some have long fur, others have short, some are Black in colour, others are a mixture of two or three colours and sport the most beautiful facial and body markings.
All of them have completely different traits and personalities, from a clever dog that can smell you a few streets away, to a friendly dog that greets you with a howl.
The street dogs are individuals, they do have their own personalities and if you spend the time getting to know them you will have some truly amazing experiences and make some wonderful friends along the way.
They street dogs are no different from owned dogs at home, apart from most of them having had the misfortune of being left on the side of the road when they grew too big or when the phase of owning a dog wore off.
So just because the dogs live on the streets it is not their fault and it doesn't make them any different, they still rely on humans to feed them in order to survive, they are still a 'Dog' (mans loyal best friend) for gods sake.
Due to their life experiences they make for incredible pets, they crave attention and love, show you affection back and over time when you observe their inner confidence shining out and see their fears slowly fading into the background, it is an incredible feeling.
Some street dogs are pure breed dogs but others are mixed breed dogs, the mixed breeds are wonderful as they are unlike any other dogs you have seen before, they have such beautiful appearances and are their own 'unique mix'.

Here are a just a few photos of some of the lovely street dogs we have come across:

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