Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dogs Do the Most Funny Things

We have learnt so much from spending time with our two babies, they continue to amaze us with their quirky and funny ways and they certainly enrich our lives and make our house, a true home.
Our dogs certainly do the most funny things, read on to find out below;

A few of our boy's funny habits: -

* He uses his paw to communicate with us, if he wants something or if he wants to do something.

* He wakes our other dog up in the mornings and paws her to get out of bed, as if to say 'come on its walkies time'.

* He loves eating snowballs.(tasty treats!)

* He thinks that when people put their hand into their carrier bag, that they are getting some food our for him. (ahhh bless him)

* He lifts his paw up for our help if he gets a thorn or something stuck in it.(cute or what?)

A few of our girl's funny habits: -

* She waits until we have left the house then gets straight out of her bed to hunt for things.(naughty girl!)

* She only seems to want to play with our other dogs toys, not her own.

* She wants to play ball all day (and I mean all day!!!)

* She sometimes doesn't take no for an answer.

* She cries if she is cold and wants a blanket. (ahhh how sweet!)

Do your dogs have any funny, cute or naughty habits?

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