Friday, 18 November 2011

Ukraine to Halt the Killing of Stray Dogs

Finally Ukraine has seen sense and made the humane and fair decision to stop murdering and killing their innocent stray dogs.
In October I posted about a town called Lysychansk in Ukraine and how they were carrying out mass murders on stray dogs in a bid to clean up and rid their streets of stray dogs before UEFA Euro 2012 started.
The Ukraine government have finally spoken up to the local councils and mayors of its towns and ordered them to build animal shelters, instead of the cruel method of murdering the stray dogs.
We can thank numerous people for this positive result and they are, all those who signed petitions, all those local and national animal protection groups, Naturewatch (a British group that campaign against animal cruelty) and all those who sent petitions, as well as those from western countries who put great pressure on Ukraine to stop these cruel acts.
Maybe Ukraine also realised that their countries image was looking bad and therefore only gaining negative publicity which would mean that Ukraine tourism and UEFA European Football Championship  would suffer. 
Maybe now the stray dogs will be safe and free to live their lives just as they should be able to.

Although the government has ordered the killing of stray dogs in Ukraine to cease it sadly looks as though it is still happening I quote 'But Judith Pein, of the German branch of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said it was still happening.'
Very Disappointing.....

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