Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Two Great Books about Dog Rescue

Having just finished reading the sequel to 'One Dog at a Time' by Pen Farthing (No Place like Home), I must say I am disappointed that they have both come to an end as I was thoroughly enjoying reading them. So here is my dog book review on two of the best seller books that I came across.
Pen Farthings style of writing is addictive and his experiences of life I feel I can really relate to, because I have have also experienced most of the same things with stray dogs that I have come across before and also I myself too own two rescued dogs that lived their lives as strays before.
While Pen was carrying out his duty as a Royal Marine in Afganistan he also becomes heavily involved in caring for any stray dogs that cross his path and being a dog lover he does all he can to help them in their time of need. In the first book 'One Dog at a Time' you will read about how he balances his work duty, while caring for the dogs of Helmand in Afganistan. Naturally he becomes attached to the dogs he has been caring for and embarks on a plan to try to rescue some of them.
The second book  'No Place like Home' is a sequel to the first one. In this book Pen writes about the experiences and adventures of himself rescuing two stray dogs and inviting them into his home to live with him, his wife and two existing dogs.  He also decides to set up a charity helping other soldiers, so they can save their furry friends too.
These books are simply great, they will have you feeling all kinds of mixed emotions and if you love dogs, like me, then these two books are not to be missed and come with a recommendation from me. And all the latest book reviews give this book a five out of five.
If you buy books online, here is the links below for a online book seller that sells 'One Dog at a Time' and 'No Place like Home':

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